"Rain or shine", every week these outdoor local Farmers Markets bring people together around the San Francisco Bay Area to buy and sell the freshest local organic produce and many other artisanal goods.

San Francisco has such a wealth of vibrant local markets that there's a Farmer's market somewhere in the city every day of the week. Even during the winter months you'll be amazed by what you can find.

Here's a map where to go near you and weekday and weekend calendar of when to go. We also recommend this chart of when food are in season by the folks at the local foods wheel.

The Local Foods Wheel

Sunday - Civic Center

The Heart of the City Farmers Market takes place at San Francisco's dense, diverse city center in the UN Plaza next to City Hall. Enjoy the sun and civic pride along with an affordable assortment of fresh foods. The market serves a special purpose for neighbors in the Tenderloin, especially families and lower-income residents looking for fresh, healthy foods.

On Sunday's there are also Farmers Markets in Inner Sunset and Fort Mason, which are also busy while a tad more chill.

Hours for each of the farmers markets:
  • Civic Center, United Nations Plaza - Open Sunday 7am to 5pm
    (also open same hours on Wednesday)
  • Inner Sunset - Open Sunday 9am to 1pm
  • Inner Richmond on Clement St. - Open Sunday 9am to 2pm
  • Fort Mason - Open Sunday 8am to 2pm (also see Wednesday)

Monday - Parkside Farmers Market

A great place to kick off the work week is the Parkside Farmers Market on Taraval Street, which has been operating daily for more than 20 years. They are open daily from dawn to dusk, 7am to 7pm. In addition to farm-fresh produce they have a number of specialties from around the world, especially Mediterranean food like olives and cheese.

Tuesday - Ferry Building

The largest, most buzzing market and the best many say is CUESA's Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Farmers Market at the historic Ferry Building plaza. There are about 70 framers and 50 artisan vendors that line the front of the building and also wrap around the south side of the building all the way to the Bay.

The biggest day for the market is Saturday, so you can beat the crowds by visiting on Tuesday and get breakfast or lunch from one of the excellent vendors inside or outside, like Acme Bread, Daily Driver Bagels, Hog Island Oyster Co, and Book Passage.

Ferry Building Plaza Farmer Market hours:

  • Tuesday - Open 10am to 2pm
  • Thursday - Open 10am to 2pm
  • Saturday - Open 8am to 2pm

Wednesday - Fort Mason

The Farmers Market at Fort Mason on Wednesday and Sunday is a scenic and lively in a historic setting. The market can be pretty busy from 10 to noon, but the vendors and market staff do a good job of keeping thing organized and calm. After you shop, there are countless peaceful places to chill or paths to take home.

Visiting the market on a Wednesday makes hump day feel like the weekend. It's also a chill time to visit popular spots like Greens, the Interval Cafe, and Flax Arts.

Fort Mason Farmer Market hours:

  • Wednesday - Open 9am to 1pm
  • Sunday - Open 9am to 1pm

Thursday - Mission District

In the heart of the Mission, the community comes together each Thursday evening for a Farmers Market and other fun events that support families and local businesses in the Mission District.

Mission Community Market hours:

  • Thursday - 3pm to 7pm

Saturday - Alemany & More

The largest and most buzzing market and many argue the best is CUESA's Saturday Farmers Market at the historic Ferry Building plaza. There are about 70 framers and 50 artisan vendors that line the front of the building and also wrap around the south side of the building all the way to the Bay.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market hours:

  • Tuesday & Thursday - 10am to 2pm
  • Saturday - 8am to 2pm

The Fillmore District, a historic neighborhood and hub of Black culture, also has a Farmers Market on Saturdays operated by the Pacific Coast Farmers Market Assoc. where you'll find "breads, pastries, baked goods, cheeses, sauces, samplings from local Fillmore restaurants are also available at the market and live jazz is performed by local musicians in the plaza."

Fillmore District Market hours:

  • Saturday - 9am to 1pm

Last but not least, the Alemany Farmer's Market or "people's market" is the oldest farmer market in San Francisco — founded in 1943 by teh Victory Garden Council and regional farmers.

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