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Our Vibe Sets

*Vibe (n.): a hidden vibration or sentiment that most people intuitively feel


Let the good times roll

This is for people looking for popular spots, sightseeing landmarks, very vibrant, where you’d be alert to all the color and smell and sound, but also poppin places, dive spots, street events and markets where you’re guaranteed to find everybody. These are fun and funny places and experiences that can sometimes be mischievous and irreverent. This is for people that enjoy what they are doing and are spontaneous and impulsive. Just do it!

Main vibes: Energetic, buzzing, vibrant



Everyone’s dreams come true

For those who are living the upscale dream, shining and living who they are out loud, but also kicking back in beautiful artspaces, buying from cool shops and peaceful, purpose-free experiences. Going to make a positive mark on the world, solve big problems and inspire others to do the same. Consciousness expanding, helping to transform people and society. Utopian for sure!

Main vibes: Magical, Artsy, Mindful


In Solidarity

Make the world a better place for all

For those looking for mindful and conscious experiences, universally welcoming/loving experiences or places that put women, POC and marginalized groups front and center, that celebrate their contributions AND also help you find like-minded people in other arenas, like sober-curious and Black queer, welcomingness but also family bonding, friend making, — where you might even go alone and be expected to contribute or find friendly hosts. Positivity rules here! Lift up voices that have been left out or left behind.

Main vibes: Cultural, diversity, open


Old School

Listening to the past

For those looking to explore folksy things and events that look at how the past influences the future. For those into landmarks, reviving older things, feeling retro, nostalgic, sentimental, traditional, and sightseeing at popular old spots. They embody meaning and enduring value in creativity, imagination and art. Looking to past leaders brings a sense of stability and durability. Caring for our past and helping people care for themselves is how we can serve the public good. Roots remedies!!! This is where you go to get some old school health and wellness guidance!

Main vibes: Old school, retro, nostalgic



Energetic, buzzing, vibrant

For the passionate hobbyist, the content & confident, the curious & inquisitive. On the edge of sassy. Includes all ages activities where you can expect to be engaged, learn things, tinkerer, have adventurous distractions, break a sweat, DIY together, or have whimsical relaxation

Main vibes: Playful, Exciting, Adventurous


Quiet Energy

Happiness comes from within

For those interested in sentimental and responsive reflections on the places and events around us. Spaces where we can express empathy and love. The relaxed, calm events and peaceful spots.

Main vibes: Calm, Cozy, Chill



Belonging through intimacy and love

For those interested in the warmth and joy of events/meals that promote *romantic* bonding, Cozy could also go here. This is for everyone, it is down to earth and folksy. There is a warm and familiar feel to it so it is accessible to all. This is where we “show the love”, where we show appreciation and connection. Good vibes, self love and meaningful relationships.

Main vibes: Community, belonging, passion