Probarlo Temprano

Vibemap es un app para descubrimiento de la ciudad. Te conecta con lugares, eventos, y experiencias que igualar tu vibra.

Verlo primero

Join our open beta program and help us design a new way to explore your city and make meaningful connections. Download the beta app and start giving feedback today.

Find Local Places & Experiences

Taking layers of civic data and insights from locals, Vibemap finds events and experiences that match how you’re feeling with the vibe of a place and its visitors.

Make Meaningful Connections

Get personalized recommendations and hand-picked guides that help you discover the true life of a city.

Find Your Vibe

We each have an emotional life that changes with time. No matter how you’re vibing at that moment, you now have a space in which to find others on this shared journey.

Experience the Magic of your City

Vibemap helps bring people together in new ways and experience the magic of showing up in real life.

The True Life of a Place

Vibemap reveals a new, personalized view of your city by bringing together layers of civic data about places, events, transit, mobility, social media, self-expression, local zoning and input from other people that have already joined Vibemap. By using AI and machine learning, Vibemap gets better the more people join, search and add to the vibe.

Uncovering a City’s Sentiment

Our machine learning performs sentiment analysis on all our content, so we will deliver results that really match the vibe you search for. Data mapping of word associations is a big part of what we do. We fed thousands of human vibes tied to events and places into our algorithm.

Cities aren’t static

Cities change. Constantly. And are perceived differently depending on what you are looking for. Vibemap offers a real-time understanding of what is happening in their city – hour-by-hour, day-by-day according to what you are looking for and how they feel at any given moment.