To fall in love with San Francisco, you have to stay at the right spot and you might be wondering, “But where exactly is that?”. The truth is that San Francisco has so many neighborhoods, each of them offering different things, that it all depends on what kind of trip you’re going for and who you’re bringing along! This guide is here for you so you can make sure your trip has the right vibe.

Hip and Unique Vibe

If you’re going for a more hip and unique San Francisco experience in the heart of the city, these are our recommendations. Many of them are marvelous results of the clash between classic and modern styles with bold wallpapers and furniture in the Financial District; they’re historical buildings that you cannot miss when passing by them on Market street, or quirky boutique hotels with English charm hinting at the vibrant 60s, as well as those reminding us of the 50s’ rock start with a lush courtyard with a pool.

Old School Vibes

San Francisco is rich with charming heritage. For the old-school vibes of an authentic San Francisco experience, you should definitely go with one of these hotels. A renowned and luxurious stay with the best city view in a historic landmark (like the previous city hall?!); a Georgian revival-style hotel (once used as U.S. Army barracks!) with chic rooms and a patio with a fireplace, rocking chairs, and access to countless hiking trails to get the most stunning panoramic views over the cliffs where you can see the whole bay; a Victorian mansion or a hidden gem situated in the Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood near the Exploratorium with a classic seafood restaurant — stay in one of these to travel back in time.

Budget-Friendly Vibes

If San Francisco is infamous for one thing, it is the unaffordable housing, but don’t worry: we have your back with these cheap options! You can choose between hip modern locations downtown 20 km from the airport and minutes away from the vibrant Union Square, hotels in the fashionable Hayes Valley where boutiques and hip restaurants dot the area, or the friendly Mission District with its colorful murals!

Techno Future Vibes

If you want to go for an adventure downtown, there are the top three spots. Stay right on Union square (which is only 15 minutes away from the pier!) in a trendy hotel, minutes away from the bustling shops and electric nightlife. Even if you think the night is coming to an end, you’ll find yourself in a table tennis tournament or a pool game in the hotel’s playroom. Did we mention the free parking?

Relaxing Vibes

If you’re here for a relaxing trip with your family or it’s just your dreamy weekend getaway to the beach, you should check out these. Whether you’re looking for an upscale hotel on a quiet street with a balcony where you can relax at the peaceful garden near the koi pond after a spa treatment, or you are looking for a home away from home in a cozy cottage AirBnB to spend your afternoons in the luscious green garden only 5 minutes away from the hustle of the city, we have you covered.

Vibey Places to Stay in San Francisco