Here are some of the best San Francisco patio spots , broken down by vibe and neighborhood

We love al fresco vibes and there is now more outside seating than ever in San Francisco and Oakland. Restaurants, cafes, and shops are using every bit of creativity and street space to stay afloat during the pandemic. So now is a good time to support a local business, enjoy the warmth of a West-coast autumn nights, and stay safe while enjoying night life.

Please let us know if there are other places we should feature. And also make sure to wear a mask when you're not eating, wash your hands, and be extra courteous to the restaurant staff who risking their health to make outdoor dining possible.

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More by Neighborhood

Here are some additional San Francisco patio and outdoor spots. We especially love patios on slow street and public promenades.

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Steve Pepple

Steve is a civic technologist and co-Founder of Vibemap working at the intersection of people, data, and civic life. He enjoys enjoying art and nature and is an advocate for public transportation, livable urban centers, and government innovation.

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