For an exciting day out, hit the streets and discover San Francisco's public art and architecture.

Spring has sprung and the sun is high in the San Francisco bay area. Now more than ever folx are searching for COVID friendly destinations to spend the days and nights. Although many of the city's beloved attractions are closed, we as a community still have access to artistic displays. A place to clear the mind, to express oneself, to focus on what really counts. Life. Looking for a place to read to the sounds of the bay? Check out the Ferry Building and walk by and see the seals at Pier 39. Or perhaps your searching for a display of creativity to spark your own imagination? Take a walk through Balmy Alley and get lost in the potent culture the many artists and loved ones of the mission district work hard to keep alive. 

Whether it may be a solo stroll through the city or an exciting day out with a new romantic interest, it is not difficult to stumble on a suitable destination in this city of passionate creation. In a place where the walls are the canvas, anything is possible.

About the Author:

Kira Norwood

I enjoy long walks up steep hills in the early morning times with decently warm coffee. Writing is a passion of mine, and it has been since I was a freshman in high school, and once Covid-19 subsides, so will traveling .

My vibes are Buzzing, Dreamy, Solidarity, Togetherness