You are invited to join in a quest to uncover hidden San Francisco treasures that match your ideal vibe. Here are some beloved places in San Francisco with distinct vibes.

What is a vibe?

A vibe is a hidden vibration or sentiment that most people intuitively feel. Read more about vibes here.

Pick your vibe

Pick a vibe below to explore. Start at the must-see spot and then explore the map.


Must see spot: The Ferry Building

Stroll through history starting at the historic fountain at Montgomery Station on Market Street and watch this video as you walk towards the Ferry Building, A Trip Down Market Street. It will take you about 12 minutes. The video ends at the street cars in front of the Ferry Building.

Explore more buzzing vibes near Market Street and Embarcadero.


Must see spot: Palace of Fine Arts

Or you might wonder What’s up with the weeping women at the Palace of Fine Arts. Listen to (9:26 - 14:41). If you're on mobile, hit the Bay Curious carrot at the bottom of the screen to skip ahead.

Explore the map of dreamy vibes around Golden Gate Park.

Old School

Must see spot: Portsmouth Square Park

Walk to the oldest park in San Francisco. Sit and listen to the rich history of San Francisco's oldest and first plaza. You can listen to the whole story, or jump to the juicy details at the (4:30 - 9:00) minute mark.

Explore more old school vibes around Chinatown and North Beach.

In Solidarity

Must see spot: Castro Pride Flag Pole

Start at the Flag Pole in Harvey Milk Plaza. Read this illustrated history of the activist and politician, Harvey Milk, who was assassinated in 1978.

Another option is to walk from Castro to Duboce Park and east to the Fillmore district. The Fillmore was a vibrant African-American community decimated by Urban Renewal as narrated by Keli Dailey in the first 5 minutes of “They Can’t Take That Away" There is a Black Lives Matter mural on Fulton Street up to the steps of City Hall, the site where Harvey Milk was killed.

Explore the map of in solidarity vibes around the Castro, Fillmore, and Civic Center neighborhoods.

Quiet Energy

Must see spot: Golden Gate Park’s Bison Paddock

Chill, relax, and maybe you'll catch a glimpse of the Bison and listen to this podcast: Meet the Bison in Golden Gate Park. Check out the first 5 minutes of the podcast, which might give you ideas for other places to explore.


Must see spot: Alamo Square

Go to one of the most popular and photogenic spots in San Francisco, where people (and dogs) from all over the city come together to enjoy the sun and views. Look at the architecture and listen to this podcast about the Painted Ladies. Listen until minute 3:24.

Optionally, you can learn about how the 1906 Earthquake brought people together around the Painted Ladies, which were spared from the earthquake and fire and mark the western addition of recovery and building following the crisis.


Must see spot: Golden Gate Skatin' Park

Sit or lay with the sun in your face, and listen to David G. Miles talk about the Legend of the Skate Patrol, as you watch the skaters dance and skate by you. (Listen to the podcast at minute 3:35 to 6:15)

You also might explore more of the vast park full of hidden gems or go over to the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, where hippies and merry pranksters have been playing music and tricks since the 1960s.

Explore more playtime vibes near Golden Gate Park.

How to have an epic quest

Here are Vibemap's recommendations for how to take an epic journey in the city, learn about history, and return a changed person.