The family that plays together stays...having a really good time

Memorable experiences. Making those with your family tightens your relationship bond. And finding some great outdoor activities every member can dig into gives kids of all ages a chance to join in the fun. Looking for things to do outside with adults and children? This round-up of family-friendly activities in Seattle will help you connect with open spaces. Go where the wild things are. And experience some togetherness + playtime with your people.

Where do you start? If playgrounds are your jam, you can't go wrong with Seattle Children’s PlayGarden. Built to be fully accessible to children of all ages and abilities, you'll find musical instruments and a sensory garden. Looking for something education? Take a spin through the Museum of Flight or the Seattle Children's Museum. Or if you're looking for a restaurant where you can grab a beer while your kids run around unabashed, Luna Park Café has you covered. Whatever you're leaning towards, we've got you covered with suggestions to help keep you sane and your kids fully entertained.