Inclusive, diverse, welcoming vibes. Happy pride month!

We’re happy to welcome June as the month where we can celebrate and be proud of our city’s diversity, from sharing with friends a delicious meal or a drink in a local restaurant to exploring the museum’s exhibits that have an inclusive and LGBTIQA+ theme. Get ready because we have plenty of recommendations for all kinds of pride celebrations!

Get together and enjoy a good talk with friends or loved ones at Neretta Café, or at Sister Sip which are safe places for celebrating who we are. Also, if you desire to have an enjoyable terrace meal or drink every Saturday, Peligro al Fondo has his “Sábado Jotero”, a special day dedicated to the LGBTIQA+  community, where you can enjoy a good drink while enjoying the friendly atmosphere and the drag queen shows and DJ sets this weekly event has.

The city is full of authentic, solidarity oriented events too, such as the Glitter Bazar in Los Arcos Zapopan, which is going to have local queer and LGBTIQA+ product vending and also public folkloric and drag queens shows this June 19, or the “LEGBTEANDO LA VÍA” a cycling track taking part this June 27 at 9 am that will begin on Arcos Vallarta and will be a safe place to ride your bicycle and be proud of who you are. Are you looking for a place where to find activities almost all day every day? The Museo Cabañas will also have the “ANDRÓGINA FESTIVAL DIVERSA, 2021”  which begins this June 19 and ends on July 2. Here you will find the screening of diverse LGBTIQA+ films throughout the day, yoga classes in the open air, and diverse workshops. 

If you’re looking for something wilder, there are some options to party and get together with friends or even go dance a bit at night. Places like Babel or Sin Fin cantina have their own drag queen shows but also a space to dance, drink and have some fun! But don’t forget to wear your face mask at all times!

Celebrate Pride in Guadalajara

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