Top 5 popular spots to shop your heart out in Portland

The local, kindy tourist-y, kinda cult-y haunts. The places where everyone’s been and honestly, needs to go. Definitely for those looking for buzzing vibes. Take a spin to see what all the hype is about. 

Union Way

The hippest hipster alley in Portland. At Union Way you’re almost guaranteed to find something with solid local shops like boot maker, Danner, local clothes shop, Bridge & Burn, and bag maker, Will Leather Goods. Top off the day with ramen from Boxer Ramen.

Voodoo Donuts

The magic is in the hole. Cult classic Voodoo Donuts offers up sugary fried goodness topped with all sorts of unusual toppings like bacon, cereal, and some of the most elaborate and artistic tribute donuts to mark cultural moments and holidays. Long lines and tourists, but a must do in Portland.

Portland Saturday Market

On a Saturday morning the Portland Saturday Market is THE place to be. Fresh produce, handcrafted ceramics, odd little tchotchkes, homemade food. Why can’t this happen every day?

Stumptown Coffee

Back when Stumptown Coffee opened, Portland hadn’t yet grown into it’s coffee culture reputation. Now folks queue in long lines to get a taste of their signature blend, the Hair Bender.

Muji PDX

Quiet energy vibes abound. Opening to much fanfare in 2018, Japanese minimalist lifestyle brand Muji strengthens the Portland/Japan crush, offering everything from clothing to kitchenware to stationary and bedding. 

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