Get your ‘beer-spiration’ on and discover world class local breweries right here in the City of Roses. Family-friendly, dog-friendly, indoors, outdoors, even rooftops - we've got the best setups to sip a brew or two. Here’s our curated list of the best local breweries that have the ultimate Portland vibe!

Prost! Portland

Let’s be clear, it’s ‘bier.’ Rotating Kolsch, Pilsner, Dunkels, and Oktoberfest beer blends. Can’t pronounce it? Just point to it on the menu and sip a ‘Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel’ on the spacious patio in Boise-Eliot - Portland.

Von Ebert Brewing

Despite the ‘Dad-brand’ image, their ‘Volatile Substance IPA’ is a 2021 Oregon Beer winner that lives up to the label. Savor a selection of German style stouts, sours, and IPA’s.

Breakside Brewery

Acclaimed barrel-aged lagers, pilsners, and IPA’s generously poured at this two-storied space. One of Portland’s best rated local breweries, try a pint of ‘Rainbows and Unicorns.’

Wayfinder Brewing

Industrial metal meets heavy metalhead energy at this ballroom-sized new local brewery in Eastside Portland. Their experimental Cold IPA’s make this a go-to destination for the true beer fanatic.

Great Notion Brewing

A thriving local craft beer operation famous for its fruit-infused beers and quirky merch. Nurse a ‘Blueberry Muffin Sour’ while stocking up on souvenirs for the folks back home.

Backwoods Brewing

The sweet spot for downtown people watching. Boldly named stouts like a ‘No Nuts No Glory Chocolate and Caramel Stout’ live up to their heady profiles.

Ecliptic Brewing

The brew master’s two favorite subjects: beer and astronomy. Indulge in an out-of-this-world guava blonde ‘Flamingo Planet.’ Then take a cosmic brewery walking tour before settling down to ‘put some space in your face.’

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company

A local legend since 1991, Alan Sprints is a leader in the craft brewing revolution, serving palate-inspiring brews like ‘Flanders Fred’ and ‘Polka Dot.’ 

Cascade Brewing Barrel House

Tart ales and sours with rotating guest taps that never disappoint. Sip on an aptly-named ‘Zoom Date IPA.’

Migration Brewing

Rose to fame via community fundraisers, Migration is a destination location to catch rooftop viewing of Timbers and Thorns games. Check out the ‘Straight Outta Portland’ IPA.

Your Guide to Local Portland Breweries

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