Mother earth wants you to shop sustainably.  

In the year 2021 it is not hard to locate a compost bin or glass water bottle, but finding fashion that is not fast in a metropolitan area is not necessarily the easiest task. Nor is eating out with your conscious foot forward. But, just because it takes some effort does not mean we as a people shouldn't try to do our part, even if it means shopping less frequently and patronizing the local thrift stores such as Mission Thrift or Held Over, two classic city clothing havens. 

Of course what you put on your body is mighty important, but what you decide to eat for lunch could have more of an impact on your mind and body than you would think. It is good to make a habit of eating sustainably. For example, paying attention to what dinnerware the restaurant utilizes, whether they are vegan or not, what they do with the cooking grease when the day is done. All of these things go into picking the perfect brunch spot for one of these spring mornings. All in all shopping, eating, and lounging sustainably are all things that we could do either now, or in the nearest future. It's as easy as shopping second versus shopping at a major brand that supports fast fashion. Mother earth will be very glad you did! 

About the Author:

Kira Norwood

I enjoy long walks up steep hills in the early morning times with decently warm coffee. Writing is a passion of mine, and it has been since I was a freshman in high school, and once Covid-19 subsides, so will traveling .

My vibes are Buzzing, Dreamy, Solidarity, Togetherness