The historic neighborhood center of Montavilla, buzzing with charm and progressive thought.

Everything you would want in a big city, but in a small town package. 

That’s Montavilla’s Stark Street. It’s just five miles east of downtown Portland, marked by one of the city’s oldest landmarks, the historic Baseline Road P5 milepost at 78th and Stark. Yet this low-slung business corridor feels remote. You have views of purple mountains and a snow-capped Mt. Hood to the east, and a coniferous Mt. Tabor rising to the west. Your experience is just a few blocks long but brimming with surprises. Say hi to the other passersby, you’ll see them more than once on your stroll.

And there’s a Western meets Big Sky feel here.

It's as if this part of the PNW exists unto itself. The rust-red wooden facades of shops that intersect at 79th Street look like old-time saloons. And many live up to their appearances and serve as drinking and dining establishments. 

Don't worry, urbanite vibes are bountiful here, too.

Authentic cuisine and more bars than blocks beckons the foodie in you. You can literally have a culinary globe trot in under a half hour. But, of course, we don't recommend rushing. Fitting for a street in a neighborhood known to be most diverse in Portland.

Top Places Nearby

From Stark Street you can walk or pedal to these spots worthy of your time. If you’re big on your Vietnamese food, you have over 15 restaurants to choose from, as well as stellar grocery stores where you can find all the ingredients to make restaurant dishes at home. Just walking around the residential streets and parks is a botanical treat. Don't miss Mt. Tabor. Definitely give it time to get lost in.