Revel Guide for Summer/Fall 2021

Vibemap and Revel have partnered to help folks connect with local community events and places each season in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Join their community for Women beyond 50 hear.

Togetherness & Community

Here are a few places to come together and connect.

Peninsula Coffee Klatch at Allied Arts

What to expect:
  • Good conversations over coffee, tea, pastries
  • A lovely garden setting with art studios and shops
  • Drive or take Caltrain with easy parking and walking
  • Cafe with public restroom.

Here are some other options around the SF Peninsula:

Arts & Culture

Explore your creative side with these arts, crafts, and cultural events.

Here are some other options around the SF Peninsula:

Walks & Wellness

Salesforce Park has a wonderful variety of weekly programing and ample, accessible space to enjoy with small groups. Activities include bird watching/walks, writing, knitting, yoga, and much more.

What to expect:
  • Amazing views and architecture
  • Arrive but Ferry, Bus, or Bart the the Main Plaza
  • Restrooms on each floor of the Transit Center and top floor, which is the park.
  • Park is accessible and has nice elevators.

Here are some other options around the SF Peninsula:

Map of events and places to connect

About the Author:


Revel is a membership-based community where women over 50 gather. At intimate conversation groups, or expert-led talks, or lighthearted events just for fun, members build meaningful connections with each other, which in turn strengthens our collective. We believe that decades of life experience cultivates wisdom and wit, which should be celebrated and shared.

We are strong, capable, sophisticated, curious, young-at-heart, and resilient. Revel is a space where we support each other and are fully seen for who we are.