Tortas ahogadas are a famous, delicious, traditional specialty in Guadalajara Jalisco. No one really visits Guadalajara without eating these tortas, a local might tell you, so make it a must on your itinerary.

The sandwich's name ahogada transaltes to "drowned". That's because the torta is totally covered with a rich, mouthwatering red sauce made from chiles de árbol and tomatoes. Tortas ahogadas are typically made with friend pork, beans, and cheese between a locally-made crusty birote bread that soaks up the sauce. Torta ahogada garnishes include radishes, chilies, avocados, and onions.

According to local lore, the torta was invented in the 1990s, when a street vendor dropped a torta into salsa by accident and customers liked it. The tradition continues at Tortas Ahogadas El Güerito in honor of the original torta stand and inventor Don Ignacio "Nacho" Saldaña at Tortas Ahogadas El Güero.

Here's a map of the best places to go for authentic Tortas Ahogadas in Guadalajara.