Anthony's Cookies is a San Francisco treat for every cookie taste

What makes the perfect cookie? We can all agree on “buttery.” But the battle between “soft” vs. “crispy” rages on. And yet...Anthony’s Cookies finds a way to please both camps, with fresh cookies that are soft-chewy in the center, and crisp-crackly on the edges. Cookies are the perfect, portable food.

What makes the perfect cookie?

So If you visit the Mission District location (there’s a Berkeley location, too), generously cart a classic flavor (chocolate chip) and something more experimental (cookies and cream) to your friend’s picnic at nearby Mission Dolores Park. They will exclaim, “These thangs! They’re awesome. Bring me some more the next time you go.” And now you have a job delivering gourmet cookies. Cool origin story: The owner, Anthony Lucas, baked between studying for accounting and engineering at San Francisco State University (America’s first department of Black/Africana Studies on a four-year university campus). Friends and family encouraged him to explore a sweeter path. 

Vibemap Tip: Come at linner-time, noon to 7 p.m.

Where to Picnic ⎸Take your cookie bounty to a friend’s picnic at grassy Mission Dolores Park, possibly the warmest spot in the city. If you're still hungry afterwards, grab a burrito at La Taqueria.

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