Hayes Valley’s hip and energetic vibe make the small area near civic center a favorite of locals and tourist alike. Park lovers spend their afternoon sitting in Patricia’s Green watching the sunset with a scoop of caramel cupcake ice cream. Or, shoppers spend their day in the countless little boutiques and carefully curated retail shops, before grabbing lunch at one of the many little restaurants that offer fusion cuisines. Sport lovers spend their day at the open-air gym or the vibrant public tennis courts before heading off for a refreshing smoothie or funky cocktail just a stone’s throw away. Wanderers can spend hours in Hinden Alley, a street transformed into an “outdoor living room”, or the hidden gem in the neighborhood — the community garden.

At Gioia Pizzeria, It’s All About the Classics

Local pizza joint Gioia Pizzeria gets it right. Gioia Pizzeria offers up a quick slice for the noncommittal. An oven-fresh whole pie for the devoted.

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