Our favorite lakes are just a transit trip away

Vancouver is surrounded by breathtaking lakes, yet it is hard to get to most of them without a car. Luckily, some of the dreamiest lakes in Metro Vancouver can be reached with just a tap of your Compass -- the transit card for trips on Translink. 

From bodies of water with beautiful city scenic views and relaxing beaches, to swimmable spots near hiking trails, here are some of the dreamiest Vancouver lakes you can reach by transit:

Trout Lake

Trout Lake is a small, fresh body of water located in John Hendry Park, right in the middle of Vancouver. Barbecues are permitted and, in the southwest corner of the park, you can find the Trout Lake Community Centre with all-ages classes in fitness, art and dance. If you´re looking for calm vibes, sit below one of the stunning weeping willows and people-watch the joggers and dog walkers. 

Transit: Take the Expo line, get down at Commercial-Broadway station and walk for 10 min. (30-40min from DT)

Sassamat Lake

Escape the urban grind and spend some time relaxing with family, friends, or alone.  Sassamat Lake is a popular place and one of the warmest natural pools. It features a floating bridge, a scenic hiking trail, and more than 3km to enjoy non-motorized water sports. On the east side of the lake, you can find sandy White Pine Beach, with bathroom facilities and picnic benches.

Transit: Take the Expo line, change to Millenium line at Commercial-Broadway and get down at Moody Centre station, take the 182 bus, walk for 10min. (1hr 40min from DT)

Rice Lake

Rice Lake is a calm, quiet lake located on the edge of North Vancouver’s Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. A short walk will take you around Rice Lake, where you can fully enjoy the zen vibes. There are several viewpoints and trails with benches to relax and take in the forested beauty surrounding Rice Lake. 

Transit: Take the 210 bus to Lynn Valley, 20min hike. Or seabus to North Van, 228 bus and 20min hike. (1hr 15min from DT)

Buntzen Lake

Whether you're planning a barbecue, an adventurous hike, or a day of fishing, the Buntzen Lake area offers a lot to match your vibe. This popular recreation park, maintained by BC Hydro, has a many joyful places to explore, including Diez Vistas Trail where you can enjoy a peaceful moment at the hidden beach dock or pedal downhill into the mountains. Watch out for geese--they might steal your snack!

Transit: Take the Expo line, change to Millenium line at Commercial-Broadway and get down at Coquitlam Central station, take the 179 bus. (1hr 45min from DT)

Deer Lake

Deer Lake is one of the largest and most popular city parks. This open oasis presents leisurely walking trails with scenic views that connect the lake, the Burnaby Art Gallery, the Centre for the Arts, the Burnaby Village Museum and the Hart House Restaurant. It also hosts an extensive variety of flora and fauna.

Transit: Take the Expo line and get down at Edmonds station, take the 133 bus, walk for 10min. (50min from DT)

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