Our Story

Why Vibes?

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Hi, we’re Vibemap…

We believe that in-person, social relationships are crucial to our well-being.

What if we told you that vibes can lead to unexpected sources of connection?

We each have an emotional life whose energy changes. We constantly navigate this changing energy or what we call personal “vibes.”

*Vibe (n.): a hidden vibration or sentiment that most people intuitively feel.

We all have vibes. As do cities, places, and events. (Also dogs, monkeys, and if we had to name-check only one other non-cat, vibey creature: Birds.)

But back to your vibes.

Our mission is to help bring people together in real life in order to create a greater sense of belonging for everyone.

What is Vibemap?

Vibemap is a new city discovery app that connects you to meaningful places, events and experiences that match your vibe. Powered by civic data about how the city feels, Vibemap connects you with where you want to be based on your vibe.

We use vibes as a way to make finding things to do less daunting and more tailored to you, so you can create real-life relationships and achieve personal growth.

Who is Vibemap for?

Vibemap is for the “city curious” — People who want to get out, travel, and explore new places and stay connected to the pulse of their home city.

Just as the essence of a city moves and flows and changes, you are dynamic.

And no matter how you’re vibing at that moment, through Vibemap, you now have a space in which to find others on this shared journey.

Can vibes lead you to unexpected sources of in-person connection? Yes. And…

This is how we intend to make a difference.

How does this work?

Vibemap uses location based, natural language processing to match you with the vibes in your city. Vibemap’s recommendation system is always trying to connect you with places, events and experiences that really match the vibe you search for.

You can add vibes and tips in the app. And also send us places and people who you think should show up on Vibemap.