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Our Vibe Sets

*Vibe (n.): a hidden vibration or sentiment that most people intuitively feel


Let the good times roll

That fiery and vivacious spirit. That wild energy that makes people and places popular. When it’s time to turn the party up to Buzzing, you’re there.

Main vibes: Energetic, buzzing, vibrant



Everyone’s dreams come true

Free spirited. You have a creative imagination. So feed it with artsy experiences. Spend time in magical places that seem fit for a fantasy world. You’re Dreamy.

Main vibes: Magical, Artsy, Mindful


In Solidarity

Make the world a better place for all

You act with intention. Showing love for inclusivity. Putting more seats at the table. You stand In Solidarity with those around you.

Main vibes: Cultural, diversity, open


Old School

Listening to the past

You’re down with retro. The classic, tried-and-true. You know the originals deserve their due. Because you are so very Old School.

Main vibes: Old school, retro, nostalgic



Energetic, buzzing, vibrant

For the passionate hobbyist, the content & confident, the curious & inquisitive. On the edge of sassy. Includes all ages activities where you can expect to be engaged, learn things, tinkerer, have adventurous distractions, break a sweat, DIY together, or have whimsical relaxation

Main vibes: Playful, Exciting, Adventurous


Quiet Energy

Happiness comes from within

Drawn to serenity and calm? You’re Quiet Energy. Whether you’re already in tune with inner peace or looking for mellow-making environments, for you low-key is the way to be.

Main vibes: Calm, Cozy, Chill



Belonging through intimacy and love

You’re keeping it compatible. Whether that’s maintaining the passionate or the platonic, you’re a key ingredient for Togetherness.

Main vibes: Community, belonging, passion