Farm to market-table spots, outdoors, and low impact exploration

Now is always the perfect time to find places that could make a change in our own perspective, body, and mind about our surroundings. Beginning with looking for fresh and healthy foods instead of fast and processed meals, grabbing vegetables and edibles from a local market right from the farmer’s arms, and finishing with discovering unique sustainable activities. Congratulate the earth and fascinate yourself with what it has to offer with these recommendations!

Looking to buy fresh vegetables and products from local independent farmers? Bodega órganica or Mercado Juárez will do the trick. Or wait for Sundays where you'll come across the Feria de Productores, a local farmer’s street market. Cooking not really your style? Test out farm-to-table spots like Verde Bendito or Allium (they even have their own vegetable garden!). And if you're planning on weekend adventure that will keep you healthy and get your outside, try going climbing at the national park Barranca de Huentitán and contemplate the beautiful green sightseeing it has. Don’t want to go too far from the city center? Head to Parque Juárez on Sundays for Vía Recreativa which begins at 8:00 am and ends at 2:00 pm. So many ways to be healthy and outdoors in Guadalajara!

About the Author:

Mayra Veliz

Independent content creator, writer, and photographer based in Guadalajara. Used to work in an office all time and began to get bored. Right now she’s seeking to get experience in the field and sharing her thoughts and ideas by photographing and filmmaking.

Mayra’s Vibes: Quiet energy, Dreamy, Full of Wonder, Old School, Hipster, In Solidarity