The sites and attractions that make San Francisco, San Francisco

Are you ready to explore San Francisco? Whether you are an Bay Area native or are newly located, this guide will usher you through the in’s and out's of San Francisco. Looking for a free and fun park to indulge in the bizarreness of San Francisco youth culture - visit Fort Miley. But don't forget your skateboard or roller skates! Shred on gallery walls filled with street art. Or maybe skating isn't your thing? Feel free to roam through the Presidio, a perfect place to go on a bike ride and view the Golden Gate Bridge or chill on Baker Beach! 

Feeling academic or artsy? Dig deep into our shared histories at The Museum of African American Diaspora or the The Contemporary Jewish Museum - two fantastic places to learn about the cultures, foods, arts, clothes, and lives of African Americans and Jewish Americans in the past as well as the present. 

Whatever you may be searching for, San Francisco has it!

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