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Coffee may not be the first idea that comes to mind when thinking about Oakland; of course, there’s hyphy, then, hella, and maybe, an exaggerated yeee for brevity’s sake. Here’s a list of The Town’s exemplar coffeehouses challenging that notion, not only powering the day with exceptional coffee beans; more so, creating unique spaces fit for a spirit that is so Oakland: unmistakably charming, crafty and always, for the people.

Awaken Coffee and Roasting - Work and/or Play Vibe

The coffee aficionado you want to be will appreciate this delightful cafe in downtown Oakland off of Broadway. Much like its immediate outside environment, Awaken Coffee and Roasting is teeming with an eclectic collective of folks, looking for the best-in-class coffee gear or just an artisan styled latte.

Cafe Lakeview - Chilling by the Lake Vibe

Spending a day at the famous landmark, Lake Merritt? Across the street from Grand Lake Pavilion, lies a homely coffeehouse with pleasantly strong Ethiopian coffee, American brunch bites and world-class people watching views.

Equator Coffees - Going for a Stroll Downtown Vibe

This repurposed shipping container, now a must-visit cafe, is nestled between downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt. Here you’ll find couples, wanderers, and firefighter crews alike stopping for a beat to refuel on quality coffee products and hangout in a plant-friendly space.

Haddon Hill Cafe - Neighborhood Gem Vibe

It might as well be called Hidden Hill Cafe as it is tucked just a small distance from Lake Merritt and lies nearby a laundromat and pizzeria, but the vibes are unmistakable. For example, loveable dogs are mainstays, as are scrumptious breakfast treats and teas and coffees for their human companions.

Luckyduck Bicycle Cafe - Quintessentially Oakland Vibe

Luckyduck Bicycle Cafe began as an idea to blend a mixed-use bike shop with a cafe. Why not? In turn, what’s become of that simple premise is now a thriving home to a community of folks committed to cycling, food, booze and caffeine. Mission accomplished, mates.

Red Bay Coffee - For the People Vibe

Business is booming again at Red Bay Coffee and for good reason. At the 7,000-square foot retail footprint in Oakland featuring a warehouse chic aesthetic, guests from the casual coffee drinker to those looking for more such as live music, film screenings or an occasional wedding union, meet their match with a space and a vibe all its own.

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Gabriella Folino