Lower Haight is a San Francisco locals’ holdout. Just a stone’s throw from the hustle of Market Street down the hill, it's a quaint hamlet unto itself. Independent, locally owned stores reign supreme and families have been living here for generations. With the majority of businesses stacked onto Haight Street between Buchanan and Divisadero, you can satisfy all your needs in one fell swoop. But! Take your time...

The friendly shop owners have carefully curated the experience of their stores for you. Retro, artisan, and eclectic vibes abound, offering you a welcome pause to reflect on history, culture, and art. The tattoo parlors and hair salons (you have your pick of many!) are second to none. Don’t be surprised to meet other clientele who’ve made a special trip to the city, if not from across the country, for them.

Need your nature fix? Have a picnic, meander through gardens, or plan a puppy play date in Duboce Park or Koshland Community Park. Find the city bike shares and pedal westward through the Wiggle. Alamo Square Park, Buena Vista Park (prepare for the hill!), and Golden Gate Park await you.

Get perspective. Walk the neighborhood with a coffee (or fresh juice, or bubble tea!), and drink in all the details. Waller Street boasts proudly maintained Victorians and residents will smile as they tell you why it’s one of the best streets for Halloween. If you didn't notice at first, lush mayten and red mimosa trees are everywhere. Really give yourself time to find the street art and public murals the neighborhood is known for - look up, sometimes they're on an exterior wall or in windows.

Whoops, you forgot to eat! And now you’re starving. The list of culinary choices is extensive. Join old friends at a divey drinking establishment, a cozy, family-owned restaurant, or find a New American kitchen for a locally sourced dish and that fancy cocktail.

Be a creature of habit or explore something entirely new. No doubt you'll find your vibe in the Lower Haight.