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Where to get the dankest, wildest snacks and munchies

Legendary, munchie vibes

There's nothing like the first bite of a new flavor, and there’s nothing like finding a place full of all the wild tastes you can imagine. This place is Dank Mart, and here you can get your next movie snacks, those hard-to-find munchies, and even some limited-edition flavors.

More than a bodega, Dank Mart has become a family-friendly, cultural centerpiece of the community. Dank Mart welcomes you with a variety of must-try treats--from ice cream, sodas and snack bars to chocolates, candies, chips and cookies. And when you’re feeling nostalgia vibes, you can access an extensive collection of your childhood favorite cereals such as Birthday Cake Pebbles and Apple Jacks.

“We've become legendary because of the brisk research we do to find the rarest snacks and the heart we put on bringing it to you,“ said Dank Mart´s store manager Eli about what makes this snack shop the dankest. He also says his favorite snacks in-store are the garlic bread chips and the M&M's popcorn. 

Open prime munchie hours --from noon to midnight every day-- consider that some customers drive more than 40 minutes to dive into this snack paradise, so the long line may be as big as our desire to try the red velvet Chips Ahoy! (especially on weekends). That’s probably why Dank Mart has delivery. 

Dank Mart’s tagline is “This bodega is for the culture”You can find the ultimate merch at any of the two vibrantly designed stores: The first one at Main St. and the newest one at Thurlow St. close to Robson area. Merchandise includes dope T-shirts, limited edition kicks, exorbitant smoking accessories and more!

Visit one of the Dank Mart stores, navigate through the waves of flavor and let the vibe of the dankest snack attract you.

More information at Dank Mart 

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