Culturally Historic Landmarks in Oakland, California

Oakland is rich with both culture and history, never shying away from being bold and screaming out. Knowing that so much change has happened on these streets, change that has done unmeasurable good, and change that has done more harm than anticipated, it is not easy to pick just a few places that hold the history and culture authentically. This is a collection of places and sculptures that remind me of being a kid in a loud city, needing a place to escape just for a little while, wanting to learn more and do more. The history that makes us has a whole lot to do with who we are in the present. This list excludes a large number of places and art displays that are either no longer open, such as The Black Panther Party Headquarters, or are temporarily closed due to Covid-19 such as the Oakland Museum of California.

In the numerous museums and libraries, as well as nature centers, one can get a glimpse of what Oakland once was. Even now, some have a hard time recognizing this place, have a hard time remembering the shops and markets, the parks, the random benches that no longer stand. By inspecting the past one gets a good look at where we are going. Check out the Remember Them Statue located in Oakland's Uptown neighborhood across from the Fox Theatre. Read through the countless books and letters in the African American Museum and Library. Search for something to find in this old town!

About the Author:

Kira Norwood

I enjoy long walks up steep hills in the early morning times with decently warm coffee. Writing is a passion of mine, and it has been since I was a freshman in high school, and once Covid-19 subsides, so will traveling .

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