Smith and Bybee offers a slice of serenity just north of St. Johns

Hidden in a warehouse-y part of north Portland, Smith and Bybee is one of America’s largest urban wetlands. And it’s a fresh-water fun area the size of 1,500 football fields. Great for walking, biking, picnicking, paddling (you brought your canoe, right?). But you’re not alone in this wild and beautiful place. Western painted turtles are waddling here. Black-tailed deer are springing. Native beavers are damming. (And those damn invasive nutria!) Bald eagles are cartwheeling through the sky. Nature provides theater. At intermission, head over to Kelley Point park and dip your toes at the point where the Columbia and Willamette rivers meet.

You brought your canoe, right?

BEFORE: Load up on takeout tacos from Rose City Taqueria for a picnic that will make the painted turtles envious!

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