Childhood fairytales, come to life in the great outdoors.

Whether your nostalgic vibes are taking over, or you’re in search of the perfect outdoor family activity, we implore your visit. Less than an hour drive south down the I-5 from Downtown Portland, this 20-acre theme park in Turner, Oregon drops you into nature, adventure and imagination.

But don’t take our word for it. We got to catch up with Ashley Tofte, who found herself so enchanted with the magic that Roger Tofte and his family created, that she began working there as soon as she was able (15!). It was love at first sight for her - with the park, and with Roger’s grandson, her future husband! These are the stories we love.

Read on for Ashley’s reminders of what’s possible when we trust in creativity and allow space for our passions to live.

Q: We love serendipity and the unexpected. Is there a unique experience or event at Enchanted Forest that you want to share?  

One particular experience was when Humpty Dumpty prophetically was knocked off his wall. This was horrible at first, as he is a priceless piece of artwork from the owner, Roger Tofte, but we were able to turn the experience to produce a positive outcome. We shared what became unique national news that Humpty Dumpty actually fell off his wall! Roger then set to building a replacement with a special unveiling. I think being able to turn a negative experience into something magical is a pillar to our business's success.

Q: What do you wish your customers and the general public knew about Enchanted Forest? 

All of the artwork has been done by Roger Tofte himself, his life's work. Also, all of the music played here is written by his daughter Susan Vaslev, so we pay no royalties. Every member of the family and extended family has come together to contribute something to our park's dream.

Q:  What is one way Enchanted Forest is unique to its location? 

I love the saying 'Keep Oregon Weird' and I think we fit in perfectly with that. We are truly unique and different. There are also very few theme parks in the PNW. It's not easy running a theme park with this winter weather but we've found a way to keep it going.

Vibemap Tip: Support Enchanted Forest as they’ve recently dealt with major financial setbacks due to a strong winter ice storm. Even if you can’t visit, you can donate or shop their incredible online store for gifts, apparel, original artwork. and memorabilia. For something warm and cozy, with all the nostalgia, get the classic hoody!