Spinning Vinyl in the Windy City: Navigating Chicago's Chic Record Scene

Get ready to groove in the heart of Chicago's vibrant music scene by visiting some of the city's hippest record stores. These shops are a haven for music lovers, offering a diverse selection of both new and vintage vinyl records. Some stores even provide high-quality equipment to upgrade your home sound system, adding an extra layer of excitement to your musical experience. Whether your taste leans towards pop, rock, jazz, or funk, these spots are perfect for browsing, vibing, and dancing to the rhythm of Chicago's eclectic music culture.

Chicago's Coolest Bars with Records, Ambiance, and Premium Music Systems

In the world of music, there's a heavenly trifecta: great tunes, excellent drinks, and good company. And right here in Chicago, we've uncovered two hidden paradises where this trifecta is taken to an entirely new level. These ultra-viby bars boast magnificent record collections that set the perfect backdrop for unforgettable evenings.

Cocktail bar with live performances and vinyl DJ sets over Hi-Fi Italian sound hidden behind a record shop in the heart of Wicker Park.

The Listening Room at The Exchange is Chicago's first listening experience fit for an audiophile! Inspired by Japanese listening bars & cafes and featuring James Beard-nominated Chef Brian Huston's steakhouse-inspired menu and private bar, Listening Room matches state-of-the-art audio with art and warm hospitality.

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