Our Story


Our Mission

Vibemap’s mission is to connect you to places, experiences and people that match your vibe. We are dedicated to helping people come together in new ways in order to experience the magic of showing up in real life.

photo of a food truck owner

Core Principles

Below are the 4 core principles of Vibemap that guide everything that we do. They are also the jumping off point for the journey we are about to embark on together. We look forward to seeing these principles take on a life of their own as we travel this path together.

illustration of how people find belonging and vibe together

People First

Without people there would be no Vibemap. We must always make sure that we put people first in everything we do.

colorful visualizaton of vibes near you

Shared Journey

The experience of discovery and growth is transformative, we sincerely hope that Vibemap can be of use to as many people as possible as we all travel along on the path of this shared journey.

illustration of how your vibe connects you to others

Magic of Showing Up

It is our responsibility to show up with seriousness and delight for ourselves and others around us. If we do, we will be rewarded in amazing and unexpected ways.

illustration of how vibemap is personalized to your mood or energy

Sense of Belonging

People are yearning for connection with other people. It is our hope that when someone uses Vibemap they discover a genuine sense of belonging.


Our Commitment

Vibemap is a city discovery platform that is driven by the knowledge and value embedded in existing places. Our intention is to connect people from diverse backgrounds with other people that share similar interests and vibes. As such, we are committed to make Vibemap a safe space for people, places, events and stories that often don’t show up, or feel welcomed on other digital platforms.

Vibemap Pledge

In order to uphold our mission and commitment, we ask everyone that is involved in Vibemap to follow the Vibemap Standards of Decorum. The Vibemap Standards of Decorum are our acceptable use policy, so if you experience behavior that shouldn’t be on Vibemap, find content that shouldn’t be on Vibemap, or encounter people that are making Vibemap an unsafe space for for you or anyone else, please report it to us!

We take your reports very seriously and will respond to them in the best way possible, as soon as possible and as transparently as possible. We make a commitment to always continue to learn and evolve our standards, and work together with you and appropriate experts to inform and update our standards to ensure that Vibemap is always a safe space for everyone.

If you have questions or encounter problems on Vibemap, please contact us at info@vibemap.com.