Korean BBQ is one of the best cuisines to enjoy with your friends. The sizzle and aromas of all-you-can-eat Korean bbq are all too alluring. The restaurant you pick is very important because eating KBBQ is always an event. You all cook together, laugh, and bond over the conversation made over the sweet smell of the charred smell of the grill. And to properly enjoy the restaurant you need to make sure the vibes of the place match your purpose and vibes. 

That is why we have made a complete guide to the 6 best KBBQ restaurants in Vancouver and what each of their vibes are. That way you know which vibe fits date night, a night out with friends, or a nice dinner with your family. 

All you Can Eat Vibes

Dae Bak Bon Ga is a Kbbq restaurant featuring high-quality meat and cooked Korean dishes such as gyoza. The décor of the restaurant is very traditional for a KBBQ restaurant which makes it a great place to take your family. The place may be no-frills, but the meat quality and variety are unbeatable. Dae Bak Bon Ga also has vents above the grills so that the smell of meat is not overpowering. The lunch special sets have great value, and you can order a giant pitcher of lemon soju to share with your friends. The banchan (side dishes) are also delicious, and they have bean sprouts, kimchi, and potato salad. Make sure to look them up and follow them on Instagram since they often hold giveaways for free and discounted meals.  

Date Night Vibes

Kosoo is a modernized KBBQ restaurant in Vancouver that has an unbeatable date night vibe. The dim lights and sleek decorations will set the mood for any first date. Kosoo has locations on Cardero St. and Robson St., so if one of the locations is fully booked for the night, you can always try the other. Instead of grilling the meats on your own, Korean bbq dishes come out on a sizzling hotplate. This minimizes the smoke and smells that are usually part of the KBBQ experience and allows you and your date to have a fun time without worrying about having a strong meat smell stick to your clothes. Some must-try dishes include Gochujang pork belly and monkfish.

Something for Everyone Vibes

Korean BBQ and sushi all in one? Yes, please! Sabushen Yahikniku House is a stylish post-modern restaurant located in downtown Vancouver with a spacious seating area for large parties. The rustic stone accent walls are a brilliant contrast to the orange/yellow post-modern colors. With the all-you-can-eat dinner menu, you can order anything from sushi rolls and sashimi to the large selections of marinating meats, vegetables, and seafood for grilling. You can even order a la carte if preferred. Like many Korean BBQ restaurants, guests cook for themselves on the grill in the middle of the table. 

Get those Banchans Vibes

Kook is one of the top Korean BBQ restaurants in Vancouver because of its fun and modern design. The meat quality is one of the best in the Korean BBQ game, and every table has a smokeless grill. That way, you don’t have to shower as soon as you get home. If you have guests in your party that aren’t a big fan of meat, they can also choose from a menu of soups, noodles, and rice bowls. The banchan (side dishes) are also beautifully presented and make for an Instagram-worthy post.

Traditional, Take Your Parents Vibes

Sura Korean Royal Cuisine displays Korean cultural traditions through its hanging Korean tapestry. The traditional look of the restaurant fits the traditional menu with KBBQ served on sizzling hot plates, spicy squid salad, and japchae. The menu emulates the food that was eaten by the Royal Court in Ancient Korea. This classic Korean is award-winning and a wonderful experience for anyone looking to experience a bit of history by trying authentic, spicy Korean dishes. At Sura, you can order from the set menu or a la carte.

Special Occasion Vibes

Royal Seoul House Restaurant has been around for over 20 years and is one of the earliest KBBQ restaurants in Vancouver. If you are looking for a stylistic Asian restaurant to celebrate a special occasion, Royal Seoul house is the perfect place. The restaurant is styled to look like a tea house in Seoul. Larger parties can even sit in a house-like private room with wooden decorations and they can order a combination meal such as the Chosun Combination, which feeds five people. The menu offers meat for grilling as well as other traditional entrees such as seafood pancake and grilled mackerel. One of their most popular dishes is Okonomiyaki, which is actually a Japanese savory pancake.

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