British Columbia — Canada


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Rain City

Vancouver is a large metropolis on the Pacific coast of British Columbia,  Canada. A bustling, dense international destination often buzzing with movie shots and celebrities. The glamour and towers might be your first impression, yet Vancouver has an expansive urban beauty surrounding vibrant, livable, inclusive neighborhoods. You can easily walk from a downtown peninsula dense with all variety of foods, drinks, and shopping to the 17-mile waterfront trail or Stanley park, an astounding park full of gems. There are countless outdoor day excursions like  kayaking, skiing, or camping near the mountains surrounded by a surreal panorama of water and snowy peaks.

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Vancouver is fairly comfortable all year round, but particularly nice between Spring and Fall, from March to October

It's easy to to and from Vancouver via the airport, public transit, and automobile.

No, you don't really need a car in Vancouver, unless you going pretty far outside the city. There are buses and train to many places and rideshare or taxis are also readily available. It's also very walk-able, bike-able, and accessible to people in wheelchairs and older adults.