Curate some greenery for your space and tap into your wild creativity.

Your desktop screensaver may be the closest some come to nature. That’s why it’s an act of self-love to make room for the greener things in life. Whether you have successfully killed every succulent you’ve ever had, or have a bedroom like the jungle, curating your space with vegetation is a great way to tap into your wild creativity. 

We’ve checked out some inspiring shops around Los Angeles that are doing their plant-game right to help you cultivate a space with lots of leafy love!

Light Some Incense and Chill Vibes

Just off the quaint Magnolia strip in the Valley sits Tansy, a bohemian-style plant and gift shop owned by Shawna Christian and operated by her friendly staff and chatty parrot. Find mindful gifts, home décor, vases, and of course, a variety of household plants and succulents so you can “bring nature home.” 

On the weekends you can also find Plántate Café in Tansy’s outdoor garden, a Latina-owned pop-up brewing some fantastic horchata and other popular drinks.

Contemplate in the Garden of Eden Vibes

Garden Temple is the hidden gem of Ventura Boulevard in Studio City. In addition to their wonderful indoor and outdoor plants, this family-owned and operated store offers unique landscaping solutions, fountains, and maintenance. 

After you check out the storefront, head to the back garden for a lunch break escape. Somehow, the noise of urban life is dimmed by the serene sounds of water flowing from fountains and birds chirping.

Color Coordinate Your Candles for Self-Care Vibes

If you’re in the market for thoughtful apothecary gifts and stunning interior botanicals, check out Greenwood Shop in Studio City, just steps away from the legendary Alfred’s Coffee.

This woman-owned boutique also offers design consultations for your home or business, as well as potting services and tips on how to care for your new pet—plant.

Third Wave, But for Plants

Come to Black Heart Coffee Co. for the amazing staff and signature Black Heart Latte, but stay for their daily selection of flower bouquets. All bouquets are seasonal and continuously rotating, often arranged with festive flowers and snippets of eucalyptus or native plants. 

After you’ve grabbed your coffee and flower bouquet, head to the nearby Balboa Lake and take a ride on the famous swan boats, because they’re cute.

Daytime Date Vibes

Inspired by its Santa Fe location, Jackalope Pottery & Plants in the Valley has become a go-to spot for garden centers. It features drought-resistant plants, eclectic landscape statues, and imported pottery. 

Bring someone cute and sit by the koi pond or take a solitary stroll around the garden. The staff is nice, and they’ve always got music bumping, free coffee, and WIFI.

Empowering Your Community Vibes

Started by Sandra Mejia, The Plant Chica is a plant nursery on Jefferson in Cienega that offers rare plants typically only found in warmer climates, which Sandra coins as “wish list plants.” 

Already up to your ears in wish list plants? Head over anyway, because The Plant Chica hosts a rotating list of workshops from other local small businesses as well as plant clinics.

Ask Jeeves Vibes

Not far from the Walk of Fame, you will find Mickey Hargitay Plants, one of the grandfathers of plant nurseries in Los Angeles that was founded in the 80’s. 

The nursery is lush with indoor tropical plants, their specialty, as well as succulents and cacti. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the store, check out other offerings on their website and email them any plant-related questions you have!

DIY Pot Your Plant Vibes

For folks living near Los Feliz and Atwater, Potted is the place to be if you’re looking for healthy plants and trendy garden ideas. This shop features a “Potting Bar,” where you can pot your new plant with complimentary soil and basic rock-top dressings.

If you can’t make it into the store, check out their website for generously informative blog postings about plant care and landscaping ideas.

Growing Vibes

What started as an Instagram account dedicated to celebrating people of color in the plant community bloomed (pardon the pun) into LatinX With Plants, a small storefront in the heart of Boyle Heights owned by activist Andi Xoch.

Absolutely check out the by-appointment-only store, but in the meantime, head over to the LatinX With Plants website to see their uplifting and purposeful vision for the plant community.

About the Author:

Sophie Lamzik

Sophie Lamzik is an LA based person who spends her time writing, traveling, making lattes, and playing with her dog, Willow. Her vibes are: usually quiet but down for a chat, adventurous, self-assured and very, very, very confused. Fish tacos. Cats with human names. People with cat names.