The new yoga studio rises above it all - literally and figuratively.

In San Francisco’s fitness world, it is rare for the view to compete with the actual class. But at HAUM, the new Mission yoga studio, the all-around views of the city are breathtaking, as HAUM is located on the fifth floor of a central neighborhood building, right across the street from a BART station. The climb itself - no elevator included - is already a workout,  and it’s totally worth it. 

Behind HAUM is Danni Pomplun, a prominent local yoga instructor who quardoupled his following online during the long, shelter-in-place months of the pandemic. Offering dynamic classes and consultations via live streaming and Instagram, Pomplun became the smiley, knowledgeable face lighting up yogis’ living rooms, and HAUM - the gorgeous, bright space that, since July, has been offering in-person and online classes, was the next logical step. 

The studio, in which murals make for a perfect mirror selfie in the restrooms,  and  exposed brick and wood provide laid-back ambiance, is Pomplun’s passion project, community-oriented and effortlessly pretty. “I didn't want to take away from the natural beauty that was already there,” Pomplun says. “I added a ton of plants to help ground the space and bring a little more life. The entire idea was to keep it simple and let it speak for itself.”

About 22 weekly classes are offered at the studio, “with a team of 15 awesome instructors,” Pomplun says, ranging from Viniasa and Hatha to restorative yoga and sound healing. The classes are also available online, but being above the city, in tree pose, can’t be matched. Classes have been enjoying a healthy amount of attendees, but the huge floor plan accommodates everyone. “Part of our work is being in a community and trying to make a space that allows all of us to find the journey into ourselves,” says Pomplun, who also trains yoga instructors and offers mentorship programs. “We believe that everyone should experience this gift.”

Once you climb up the stairs, and join other passionate yogis in an honest attempt to get limber and clear your mind, with the tops of palm trees and the Sutro Tower as a backdrop, the gift of HAUM really reveals itself.

About the Author:

Flora Tsapovsky

Style, food and culture writer splitting her time between San Francisco and Tel Aviv. Founder of Parlar Series, a series of curated conversations about key concepts in our lives. Nature and art lover, culinary thrill-seeker, teacher of writing courses and instructor at the Academy of Art University.