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Here's a look ahead of the various festivals, street fairs, block parties, and other amazing cultural events that happen around the San Francisco Bay Area

Winter Events

February 8th. Chines New Year parade and festival in Chinatown

SF Sketchfest

Beer Week & Bay Area Brews Festival

Beer week start the second week of February

Noise Pop Festival

Spring Events

April 7-10, Ocean Film Fest

Cherry Blossom Festival: Date & Details TBD

Maker Fair: Date & Details TBD

Cesar Chavez Festival: Date & Details TBD

Summer Events

Yerba Buena Festival: Date & Details TBD

Jun 25-26, San Francisco Pride

Juneteenth Festival: TBD

Jazz Fest: Date & Details TBD

Glen Park Festival: Date & Details TBD

North Beach Festival: Date & Details TBD

Live is Living Festival: Date & Details TBD

Fall Events

Stern Grove Festival: TBD

Haight Street Fair: TBD

Folsom Street Fair: Date & Details TBD

Octoberfest: TBD

About the Author:

Steve Pepple

Steve Pepple is the co-founder of Vibemap and a designer and technologist working at the intersection of people, data, and civic life. He consults for governments, startups, and nonprofits design, prototype, and connect people with better city experiences.