Where to find sustainable, reused, and organic products in Guadalajara. Find allllll those green vibes!

The good weather of spring and summer are upon on! And how do we celebrate and show gratitude to it? There are a lot of eco-friendly and zero waste options you can start adapting to your lifestyle, like going shopping to places for vegan products, taking a look at the fair-trade clothing showrooms and flea markets, or starting an urban garden. And where to start? We've got some recommendations.

Looking for artisanal vegan beauty and food products? Check out Tu Localito Ecologico where you can find a selection of sustainable vegan products from home goods to personal hygiene. Or take a stroll through the weekend bazaar at Mercado vía Libertad where you can find organic produce as well as slow-fashion clothing from local designers. Looking to make use of what is already out there? Look through the perfectly curated racks of vintage clothes at Lavanda Vintage or run through Tianguis de Mezquitan, a street market every Thursday that always has great second-hand clothing. And perhaps one of the most fullfilling ways to be a good steward to the earth? Plant something. You'll make quick work of your good intentions at Noble Planta or Ahuehuete Plant Shop. Being a more eco-friendly person never felt so great!

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Mayra Veliz

Independent content creator, writer, and photographer based in Guadalajara. Used to work in an office all time and began to get bored. Right now she’s seeking to get experience in the field and sharing her thoughts and ideas by photographing and filmmaking.

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