We’re here, we’re queer, we’re supporting LGBTQ+ spaces in Seattle.

In case you missed it, Seattle is hella queer. With a famous gayborhood and one of the largest Pride celebrations in the country, the Emerald City delivers in basically every way when it comes to queer spaces, from restaurants to dance floors. Whether your vibe is drag shows and nightlife or coffee shops and retail therapy, support these LGBTQ-owned and inclusive businesses in Seattle with pride.

Caffeinated Vibes

For a bit of pep in your step, and before anything else, grab a coffee at the (unsurprisingly) long list of queer-owned and allied coffee shops around Seattle. Whether it’s Starbucks’ origins or the third wave of indie coffee shops, good coffee is everywhere in Seattle. Here are some great coffee spots with a splash of LGBTQ+ vibes to help you slay all day.

Taste the Rainbow Vibes

Grab a bite to eat while supporting LGBTQIA+ business owners, from creative takes on southern-style biscuits at Honest Biscuits, to Marination’s Hawaiian-Korean fusion, to the “queer, dinosaur eatery,” Saint John's Bar and Eatery.

Feeling Like a Snack Vibes

Score some small-batch craft chocolates from Intrigue Chocolate or any number of indulgences from these queer-owned dessert destinations. Sweet tooth? Grab an ‘Over the Rainbow’ donut from Dough Joy to celebrate Pride all year, rainbow glitter icing and all.

Retail Therapy Vibes

For LGBTQ+ artists, apparel, thrifting, and impulses, look no further. In the SODO neighborhood, Instagram-famous TomboyX is a must for size and gender-inclusive underwear. For curated local and handmade goods in what used to be a 1920s firehouse, check out Station 7.

Hair Flip Vibes

It’s accepted as fact now that queers are most powerful after a fresh cut. In need of a new do or a color to dye for? These shops are buzzing with creativity and make the cut. Another fact—the more tattoos on the stylists, the better the trim. We don’t make the rules; we just recommend these queer-inclusive spaces.

LGBTQ+ Libations Vibes

According to some counts, there are only fifteen lesbian bars in the whole country. Seattle has been home to one of them since 1984, the Wildrose. You’ll find an LGBTQ+ watering hole in neighborhoods from West Seattle to Wallingford, though most of them are in Capitol Hill, connected by rainbow crosswalks.

Lipsync For Your Life Vibes

Seattle is home to a diverse drag scene, with no shortage of opportunities to see these kings and queens slay. Queer/Bar is home to a regular cast of local performers and the best place to catch the ones you’ve seen on shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race and The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula. Check out Kremwerk for a more alternative take on drag, and neighbors for their 18+ nights. Bring singles and throw all of them.

About the Author:

Dylan M. Austin

Dylan is a jack of all trades, master of some across writing, photography, branding, and content marketing. His written works and creative projects often center the LGBTQIA+ community, sobriety, and veganism. He is finishing his first book whenever possible between Tweeting unsolicited opinions and the excessive purchasing of houseplants.