Your guide to Emerald City pot shops with the best buds

Ready to get “high as the Space Needle”? (Just the first hit of bad puns ahead!)

Across Seattle, you’ll discover various cannabis shops with different tokes on marijuana, indica-tive of just how seriously the Emerald City takes its weed. Casual perusers and regular users alike will find the perfect pre-roll or irresistible edible at any of these spots.

Every shop on this list has a few things in common—a wide cannabis selection and knowledgeable budtenders. Most of them have online pre-orders and rewards programs, too. So hit the ATM for some cash (you’ll need it). Don’t forget your 21+ ID. And check out this guide to the best Seattle cannabis shops, suitable for everyone from the budding enthusiast to the customer with high standards./

For the "High, Neighbor"

Find your favorite weed and a sense of community with these neighborhood pot shops.

Ruckus (Capitol Hill, Belltown)

Flying High Vibes

Ruckus is Capitol Hill’s “first & finest” Clean Green certified® cannabis shop with hard-to-beat pricing, including weekly specials. On their website, owner Sam Burke shares an amusing explanation of how the name references the naysayers when he first tried to open a pot shop in the neighborhood. You’ll find Ruckus on 15th Avenue East in what some consider a “micro-neighborhood” away from another kind of commotion near the Pike/Pine corridor and Broadway. Ruckus also recommends a number of these nearby shops and restaurants on their website… for after you pick up your pre-rolls, of course.

Herb's House (Ballard)

Home is Where the Herb is Vibes

No plans tonight? Let’s stop by Herb’s House! Herb’s House is Ballard’s marijuana dispensary that looks exactly like any other house in the neighborhood (save for the big sign out front) operating with a self-described “old-school” take on marijuana.

You’ll feel right at home with down-to-earth budtenders and fireplace seating. Rotating artist displays and charity events are just a few of the ways Herb’s House opens its doors to the community. We’ll smoke to that!

For the Budding Enthusiast

For those new to weed, the options can feel intimidating. When you need a little TLC with your THC, check out these shops that stand out when it comes to budtender knowledge and a welcoming atmosphere.

OZ. Cannabis (Fremont)

“If I Only Had an Ounce” Vibes

With a name referencing “the Wizard of Oz” that got canned because, well, children, OZ. (“ounce”) kept a yellow-brick road reference in their logo. This shop proudly displays local artists’ work and advocates for social justice and mass incarceration initiatives. OZ.’s menu pulls back the curtain on their offerings with large and easy-to-read, color-coded, descriptively detailed menus, encouraging patrons to take their time along the way.

LUX Pot Shop (Ballard, Fremont, Lake City)

Highlight of Your Day Vibes

LUX’s namesake is a rating of illuminance and measurement of light, both integral to cannabis growth. Their staff’s go-to question for customers is, “What do you plan on doing after you smoke?” They ask this question because they’re not big fans of the term “recreational,” as it doesn’t reflect how everyone experiences cannabis. With that in mind, LUX shines a light on cannabis as a complement to our hobbies, social lives, and personalities.

Pot Shop (Westlake)

Wake n’ Bake Vibes

LGBTQ-owned with a straightforward name, Pot Shop is a boutique-style shop with a can’t-miss retro neon sign. Though, you may miss their ingenious Wake n’ Bake 10% off special if you’re not an early riser (which means in the door by noon).

Pot Shop is dedicated to its high-quality standards, and they get bonus points for their online Budtender Recipes. They’re also dog-friendly and take care to highlight ADA accessibility on their website. Now that’s welcoming.

For Those with High Standards

High standards or high maintenance? These shops make bold claims and deliver on them in unique ways.

Divine Delights Vibes

Ganja Goddess found its home in SODO’s historic Vertigo building. Exposed brick, wood floors, and chandeliers lead you through an incredible variety of everything from tinctures to pre-rolls, ending in a beautiful gold marijuana leaf painted on the back wall. It’s one of Seattle’s original pot shops, boldly claiming “more strains, edibles, and concentrates than any pot shop in Washington,” and they mean it. With a stellar rewards program and $99 ounces, this spot feels like heaven.

Canna West Seattle (West Seattle)

Wholesome Wellness Vibes

Owner and CEO, Maryam Mirnateghi, is a founding member of Washington’s Cannabis Ethics and Standards Board, placing great emphasis on Canna West’s wellness, holistic health, and “clean cannabis” quality standards. Having previously owned a medical marijuana dispensary, they carry on that legacy with Canna West. One of the few dispensaries with a medical program, their licensed consultants will help navigate the process of obtaining a medical card and choosing the best products for you.

Ponder (Central District)

Held in High Regard Vibes

Ponder is one pot shop you won’t have to puzzle over. In addition to Daily Happy Hours and high-quality, affordable options, its Clean Green certified® premium selection can’t be beaten. Ponder is at the ready with guides like “Un-stuck: how to deal with accidentally getting too high.” (It happens.) You’ll find that resource and more in their awesome online Cannafact™ series, made to “educate yourself on the world of cannabis.” To enhance your shopping experience, visit their website, which is in a class of its own.

For the Cannabis Tourist

Cannabis tourism is a real thing, and as long as you follow the rules, you’re welcome to partake when visiting the Emerald City. These shops offer great experiences for our cannabis-curious visitors.

Have a Heart  (Belltown, Skyway/Seatac, Greenwood)

Have a Heart leans heavily into Seattle’s tourism with an approachable shopping experience and a wide selection of edibles and pre-rolls. (Read: the easy stuff for those green to the green.) Check out their blog for guides on local “Scenic Seattle,” cannabis-friendly hotels, and upcoming event roundups. Basically, they know exactly who they’re serving, and they do it well.

Rolling Stoned Vibes (*passengers only!)

Seattle’s first recreational pot shop is veteran-owned, and has “Something for Everyone” with 30% off deals every day. Before opening Cannabis City, owner James R. Lathrop operated a medical clinic and has been a long-time advocate for marijuana safe and legal cannabis use. Whether you’re coming to or from popular spots like the market or the waterfront, Cannabis City Tours offer free rides to and from the original Cannabis City and Cannabis City Glass and Gear, which they plan to resume post-pandemic limitations.

(Do It) For the Gram

Unique aesthetics make for unparalleled experiences in these can’t-miss, ‘Grammable shops. Catch a glimpse and catch a high!

VIP Lounge Vibes

Green Fire made Leafbuyer’s “Top 10 Most Eye-Catching Dispensaries In Seattle” for its unique interior, maintaining the bartop and stools from its previous lives as a club and a restaurant. This shop feels like a chill lounge that just so happens to have one of the best incentive programs out there, with daily discounts and a VIP program. Come for the gallery of marijuana products, and stay to admire the local, high-end, heady glass art.

Slam Dunk Dank Vibes

Pivoting from NBA to Mary Jane, Shawn Kemp, superstar of the Seattle SuperSonics, is now co-owner and namesake for this pot shop near Climate Pledge Arena and the Space Needle. Although he’s not a majority owner, Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis does stand out as one of the few shops in Seattle with any Black ownership at the table. Kemp’s brand is in good company with a local muralist’s work on the building’s exterior and even NBA arcade games inside.

For the Socially Conscious

Washington has a complex history with cannabis. Yes, Washington embraced medical marijuana use in 1998 and was the first to legalize recreational marijuana use in 2012. But it was another first—to criminalize marijuana use in the 1920s. Those harmed most by the racism and gentrification in the cannabis industry were also left out of any prosperity that followed. Historically, Black people have been disproportionately arrested for possession.

How many of Seattle’s marijuana shops are majority Black-owned? None.

Things are looking up as the fight for equity marches on, with various groups and task forces working to change the factors contributing to this problem. Many of the shops noted here are also doing their part, recognizing their role in advancing social equity in their industry.

The Reef (Capitol Hill)

Pass the Bubbler Vibes

The Reef places a great deal of emphasis on being part of the reef, With an aquatic paint job, glass “bubble” displays, and large windows all-around, this shop feels like swimming up to a coral reef, where thousands of species live together in a bustling community.

Each quarter, The Reef selects three nonprofit organizations benefiting the community, and customers choose which they’d like to send 5% of their order’s profits to. The team also gets together for weekly neighborhood litter cleanups. Now that’s something to shellebrate.

Dockside (SODO, Ballard, Greenlake)

In Good Spirits Vibes

Dockside’s logo features the lotus flower, a symbol of growth and new experiences, and its name refers to a launching point and safe harbor—fitting for what was originally a medical co-op, “rooted in the belief that cannabis promotes wellness.”

Dockside is a woman and minority-owned company that takes pride in its team’s diversity. Advocating for social equity in the cannabis world and company-wide Diversity and Inclusion trainings are among the many ways Dockside aims to be that safe harbor for customers and to promote wellness in the industry at large.

Fun fact: Dockside’s original location in SODO has a small Cannabis Museum to learn about the industry’s origins.

Hashtag (Fremont)

#Philanthropy Vibes

Hashtag is a mom-and-pop shop with a tongue-in-cheek name and a dedicated focus on social justice. The owners have testified at state and local levels advocating for the release of people incarcerated for cannabis-related charges. That’s all in addition to their ongoing philanthropic work detailed in monthly Community Giving Reports. Once it’s safe to do so, they’ve expressed their intent to resume Guided Shopping for Seniors, working with local performers, and organizing for causes as inspired by their staff.

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