Something for everyone, broken down by who you are and/or who you want to be.

Showing up in real life, spending money in local shops and buying locally made products is an act of kindness. No matter what season it is, shopping locally is one of the most powerful individual actions we can make to support the communities we love. Small and local shops are the heart and soul of San Francisco and we need to support them with our dollars. Dreamy vibes while meandering along 24th Street. In solidarity vibes while biking down Polk Street. Quiet energy vibes around the corner on Divisadero. The small and locally owned stores that line these streets define the character of the neighborhoods and places that we love so much. The San Francisco shopping guide by vibe highlights some of the small and local shops that help make this city so special. So please, before clicking “buy online now” check out some of these local gems first.

Look closely you will find everything you need right here - books, chocolate, coffee, clothing, jewelry, toys, leather, surfboards, wine or vintage records - Vibemap has got you covered. Not to mention that vibes are a great way to shop regardless of whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else. Close your eyes. Imagine the person you are shopping for - yes, even if that person is you. What is their vibe? Is it buzzing or quiet energy? Is it playtime or in solidarity? Now scroll down to the vibe that best matches the person you are shopping for below and we guarantee you will find exactly what you are looking for.