Building a community around strong female leaders in Guadalajara

As a person who identifies as a woman, I am very proud to show you what Guadalajara has to teach us about women-owned businesses and how they are thriving by working together and learning from each other. 

Mexico has a history of machismo and indifference towards women, we are often not taken seriously. We are standing here to prove you wrong. 

I definitely welcome you to visit these amazing spaces and if you are lucky to meet any of these fantastic ladies, I’m sure they will greet you with a hug full of warmth, proving once more that being together is what makes us stronger. 

Maria del Mar of Abismar

Casa de buceo, su mantra es “como es arriba es abajo”. Aprende a bucear en un espacio consciente de la importancia de preservar la riqueza del mar. 

If exploring the oceans is in your bucket list, there is no better school to learn than from the team at Abismar

I want to share with you my story. I became an amateur diver last year, and MariMar was my teacher. She is extremely conscious of the impact pollution has done to the oceans. As she teaches you all the technicalities of diving in a really chilled but professional manner, she lets you into her blue world. Quickly that world becomes yours as well. Words aren’t enough to express how amazing this experience was.

Abismar has a shop where you can buy all your diving or snorkeling gear. But my favorite part are the courses you can sign up for. Check their calendar on Instagram and don’t hesitate on signing up. Totally worth it! 

Espacio de colaboración, café - restaurante, tienda artesanal, showroom.

This cafe/showroom/ artisanal shop is a really chill space to hang out. It’s in front of the very green pedestrian “andador” of Aurelio Ortega and you can rent a bike outside Villa Fantasia (a children’s park). On Tuesday mornings there is a market of local veggies and produce only a few blocks away from Zapopan Centro. 

If you are lucky sometimes they have exhibitions, where you will get to meet the local artists or designers. 

Near my parent's house, their cool shop, Barrio is where I get most of my family and friends presents. They sell the best Mexican artisanal goodies. The woman behind this collective space is Cecilia has amazing taste. It's hard to resist the temptation to not buying everything. 

Maria Jose Gutierrez of Cochera Ilustradora 

Estudio de Ilustración 

The idea behind Cochera is to portrait “real people” as characters. It's a mix between caricature and a realistic photo, the final goal is to see a version of your personality from a fantastic and whimsical lens. If you are lucky and brave enough to bear your crazy personality, dive in and commission your own illustration. 

Cochera works both digital and manual, after much practice this has allowed her to make her dream come true, to transform the person’s reality into an image that will definitely make you happy. Her main inspiration comes from hobbies, films and music. Be sure to take a look around - you will also find two more talented female artists sharing this space who are equally talented working in different mediums. 

Antje Saldivar of Itta Artes Mexico

Objetos creados por manos de artesanas mexicanas. Textiles, tintes y fibras naturales.

A visit to Itta Artes de Mexico will have you learning about the immense artwork that this country has to offer. Hand crafted by communities of artisans, every object is unique and has a story to tell.

Here you will find a wide variety of traditional and explorative crafts that range from textiles with beautiful natural dyes and fibers to decorative and functional objects that are all made by extremely talented and hard working women. 

This is an amazing space to support our indigenous communities who are fighting everyday to keep their craft alive and sustainable. It's key to know that all of these handcrafted goods are environmentally low impact. Turning local raw materials like wool, timber, clay, and metal into useful products is a much better option than buying mass - produced goods from who knows where. 

I invite you to buy something that would be a great souvenir. Something that you could give to a loved one or maybe to yourself (wink). Come on, we all deserve a little treat. 

Alexia Halterman of Impronta Casa Editora 

Editorial, imprenta, librería y cafe.

This is one of my favorites “rinconcitos” from all of Guadalajara. Impronta Casa Editora will make you feel at home while having a delicious cup of tea or coffee and browsing the local and unique printed books.

During time of year you can also check out the beautiful bright yellow jacaranda tree right outside. In Guadalajara we call them primaveras, which literally translates to spring, welcoming you to a new chapter of the year. Snap a photo and share it with us!

Andrea Galindo of Subtropicalia 

Prendas que abrazan serán un hogar para tu cuerpo.

Light, sexy and empowering clothes made by and for strong beautiful women. I went to check this space out a few weeks ago, and left with the most thrilling piece of clothing I’ve ever bought. Everything that they make can be worn in different ways to maximize the life of the material. (We’ve got to stop buying from big mass- produced brands). 

Andrea, the designer and owner of the shop, showed me the many functional ways I can wear my new outfit. I’m so excited to wear it to my next trip to the beach. 

Subtropicalia is located at Casa Lunar. A space shared by many creatives, like designers, framers, architects, artists, ceramicists, it's a pretty cool space. 

Ines Petersen of ConEquis 

Cultural and educational tourism for your family and friends. 

Are you visiting Guadalajara and would like your own tour guide with a twist?

ConEquis is a local tourism company for families and children. Their main goal is to approach the visitor to the cultural heritage through artistic, dynamic and engaging experiences. 

The founder and owner Ines is a bright creative gal who, alongside her team, will show you the hidden spaces the city has to offer. As your tour with Ines she'll share with you the history and the complex context of the city from a local’s perspective. Worth checking out!