How many of the over 200 San Francisco parks, playgrounds and open spaces have you explored?

From the big behemoths like Golden Gate Park to the Instagramable Dolores Park to the funky Guerrero Park, San Francisco has an outdoor wonderland for just about every personality type.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a guide to some of the best parks in San Francisco, based on your vibe. So how are you feeling today? outdoorsy? and?

Vibemap Tip: Every San Franciscan has a park within a 10-minute walk! 

What's in a vibe? Check out our official Vibemap Vibe Sets to help you parse through how you're feeling and find your vibe.

Find Quiet Energy Vibes at Allyne Park

Nestled in Cow Hollow, Allyne Park is the perfect place to enjoy some quiet outdoor time with others, your dog or alone.  Before heading to the park grab a few healthy eats and a coffee at the Blue Fog market.

Find Dreamy Vibes at the Presidio

From forested areas, to miles of trails, to some of the most scenic vistas in the city, the Presidio is a 1,500 acre park that has it all. For the extra dreamy experience, saunter over to the water pond at Lucas Digital Arts Center. This magical place will get our creative juices flowing.

Find Old School Vibes at Aquatic Park Cove

As a National Historic Landmark on the San Francisco Bay waterfront the Aquatic Park Cove is a great place to appreciate the history of San Francisco. A municipal pier creates protected waters and attracts many swimmers to the cove. Before heading to Aquatic Park grab an Irish coffee from Buena Vista Cafe, the famed San Francisco haunt credited with bringing Irish coffee to the United States.

Find Buzzing Vibes at Dolores Park

One of the City’s most popular parks, Dolores Park, allows visitors to enjoy the sun and the views in a vibrant open field. In the mood for a cold craft brew? Stop by Woods Cervecería and also grab an empanada!

If you're looking for a similar but a little more chill and family-friendly vibe near the Mission, check our Precita Park in Bernal Heights.

Find Playtime Vibes at Golden Gate Park

Feeling adventurous? Hit up Golden Gate Park! This park has outdoor activities for everyone. Plus. It's Golden Gate Park - the crème de la crème of San Francisco parks. Stroll through the bamboo at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens, spy on the swans at Alvord Lake, or jump on two-wheels to meander in style. If that last recommendation is more your thing, rent a bike from Avenue Cyclery and cycle through the 7.3 mile loop around the park. And if you're feeling extra adventurous and in it for the long haul, head to Timbuk2 in Hayes Valley for a free bicycle rental - first come first serve!

Find In Solidarity Vibes at Civic Center Plaza

San Francisco parks are often places to gather in celebration, protest and in solidarity with others. What better place to stand up for what you believe in then Civic Center Plaza, the park located right at the steps of City Hall. The new playgrounds at Civic Center is recently re-opened, so you can play and protest in the same space.

Find Togetherness Vibes at Buena Vista Park

In the mood for a quiet moment with a loved one? Look no further then Buena Vista Park, the oldest official park in San Francisco. The scenic views through the wild forest terrain will not disappoint. After a day spent outdoors, head on over to Club Deluxe to relax and enjoy a set of live jazz.

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Gabriella Folino