Zapopan has been named “children’s city” and has its reasons to be called like that since its city center, Zapopan Centro, has been arranged year by year to be more children and family-friendly as time passes by. You can notice this since you arrive by the line 3 of the light rail at the Zapopan Centro station where you can find public and open-air children playgrounds, and as you walk by the Arcos de Zapopan, a historic monument and the old entrance of the city, and go straight to the main corridor, you can feel a family and full of wonder vibe as one of the main characteristics this neighborhood has is the colorful decoration. The main corridor ends up in a huge esplanade where the historic “Basílica de Zapopan”, a very characteristic and historical church of the neighborhood, is located. Admire the colonial architecture that this zone has and take a meal with your family or friends in one of the restaurants located near. But if you think this neighborhood is just family-friendly you’re going to be surprised by another side it has to offer, as it is also a place where you can have a drink and chill with friends as the “Salón Candela”, a restaurant and bar with a buzzing vibe is near. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a look at this neighborhood while exploring the city!