Root Division, centrally located in San Francisco's Mid-Market/SOMA neighborhood, is a thriving visual arts non-profit that supports emerging artists and brings communities together in appreciation and learning. And to huge effects.

There’s a lovely duality that a person is empowered to embody when in artistic pursuits. A creation process requires both deep exploration of a theme and yet, constant reinvention. Root Division’s founders understood this intimately and committed themselves to creating a multi-functional space to help the artist grow and find representation. The gallery transforms for the needs of the programming and educational offerings, and, as you can imagine, so do the thoughts and conversations within this artistic ecosystem.

What should you go for?

The gallery (makers and buyers alert!), art classes, professional development workshops (they actually make grant writing fun! Who does that?), events, private tutorials, team building workshops and gift certificates. Look out for free events and low-cost space offers, part of Root Division's mission to ensure equitable representation and art education. While they continue to run mostly virtual events, email ahead for an appointment:

Here’s what’s coming up:

Are you looking for an artistic spruce up? Take a look at what’s offered to you. Shed your self-doubt and let Root Division help you explore your full potential.

About the Author

Jackie Gibbons
Acknowledges the beauty and power of interdisciplinary problem solving. Studies in psychology and urban design and a career in the performing arts have been her main catalysts. A founding team member at Vibemap, here she continues her exploration of building societal infrastructure of empathy, trust, equity, happiness and possibility. Jackie’s vibes: Absurdly Joyous, Buzzing, Togetherness, Artsy, Kidcore, Going Rogue when she needs to. Follow @jackieggibbons