Contemporary settings for your coffee, in the heart of Guadalajara

Meet Café Sinónimo. A unique minimalist coffee shop buzzing in the heart of the city, near Chapultepec Avenue. Her founder, Kim Cervantes, is a Mexican designer inspired by Japanese culture, authentic Mexican and contemporary style. And along with fellow designer/owner Rubén Alvarez, Kim offers a cafe gem where you can find delicious food mixing a nostalgia of homemade chilaquiles and burritos with contemporary avocado toast and fruit bowls.

Have a great breakfast with friends on the terrace. Or sit by yourself to drink a delicious coffee inside. Bring little Oscar along--Sinónimo is dog friendly. AND it isn’t just a coffee shop. While you’re there, shop its small souvenir store filled with merch designed by the owners.

About the Author

Mayra Veliz

About the Author:

Mayra Veliz

Independent content creator, writer, and photographer based in Guadalajara. Used to work in an office all time and began to get bored. Right now she’s seeking to get experience in the field and sharing her thoughts and ideas by photographing and filmmaking.

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