Make some new green friends at this woman-owned Oakland plant shop

This shop feels like springtime. Like sun shining on mysterious plants after a sudden rain. Crimson Horticultural Rarities proves there’s a lot of magic in the world, and especially here in Temescal Alley. Come for enchanting pottery made and by women ceramicists plus unusual plants made by Mother Nature. And you’ll swoon over the floral designs by co-owner Allison Futeral. Great for gift items, including handmade soaps. Good for accepting new botanical responsibilities. Thankfully, Crimson’s online plant care guides will make cohabitating with your green friends easy. (Air plants are nearly effortless roommates.)

Vibemap Tip: Houseplants can be toxic to your pets -- and Crimson’s "Pet Friendly Starter Pack"  offers healthy botanicals that won’t hurt your fur baby.

Before Coffee and fresh pastries are a power duo at The Cro Cafe

After Cholita Linda puts everything delicious into its tacos and appeals to absolutely everyone on earth - whether meat eater or vegan.

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