It’s no secret that Portland is an explorer's playground. Between Mt. Hood being a hour (ish) away, the river being *right* there, the Gorge, and hundreds of hikes and bike routes, Portland is primed for a life outdoors. Here are a few of our favorite places to outfit ourselves and we get ready to go out into the wild.


Do it for the gram. Poler is the outdoorsy store for the hipsters amongst us. See and be seen in that wearable sleeping bag (really, it’s awesome!).

Next Adventure

The slightly more alternative crowd will appreciate Next Adventure. Take a turn through the sales… there’s often a hidden gem to salvage from the pile.

US Outdoor Store

Old school, nostalgic types will appreciate Portland classic, US Outdoor Store where you can pick up just about any piece of gear you’ll ever need. 

Andy and Bax

Major prepper vibes. Stock up on literally anything you need to survive the apocalypse at Andy and Bax. We recommend taking a look at the camping gear! 

Portland Outdoor Store

Another old school spot, Portland Outdoor Store is the embodiment of lumbersexual vibes. Find a flannel and pick up a cowboy hat.

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