The best plant shopping destinations in the Emerald City

If you haven’t noticed, caring for houseplants has become the new “parenting.” And studies show that caring for houseplants can benefit our mental health and improve indoor air quality. So ready to step up your plant parenthood, Seattle? Use this guide to find what’s growing on in the plant shop scene. No matter your vibe, there’s a plant shop for you in the Emerald City.

Enlightened Emerald City Vibes

Glasswing Greenhouse (Capitol Hill)

Glasswing is a design shop featuring clothing and home goods, so how did it make the list? Head over to the corner of East Olive and Melrose for the Glasswing Greenhouse, their plant and floral design shop. In addition to a selection of modern pots and popular plants, Glasswing offers workshops (currently virtual) to learn everything from Houseplants 101 to kokedama planting. Their experts even provide residential and commercial design plus maintenance services.

Little but Eclectic Vibes

Seattle Plant Daddy (Wallingford)

This queer-owned, tiny shop’s tropical plants range from affordable to exotic. As the small Wallingford neighborhood shop grows, so does its supply of in-house starts and propagations. The rest are tropical imports, but they all share one thing in common—each plant is rehabbed and individually cared for. On their social media, the owner regularly posts real-time updates on promotions, restocks, and even hours updates from the resident Frenchie, Marvin.

Classic Garden Partner Vibes

Swansons Nursery (Blue Ridge)

“Seattle's Favorite Garden Store Since 1924” aims to be your “gardening partner.” In addition to their gardening blogs and tips online, Swansons shares a solid commitment to helping Seattleites become knowledgeable, healthy gardeners. The nursery has proudly served loyal generations of customers. Apartment dwellers will find the perfect indoor plants and accessories at Swansons. For those with a yard, stock up for your next outdoor project, and check out their patio furniture and bird supplies while you’re at it.

Green Oasis Vibes

Does this sound familiar? You live on the seventh floor of a building under the constant shade of the next one over, and your cat seemingly loves to play with every houseplant you bring home (come on, Oliver!). How do you find a plant that will tolerate your studio apartment? Urban Earth Nursery in Fremont has organized its plant menu into simple-to-navigate categories like “low light” and “pet safe,” making it easy to find a plant that will thrive--even in less than purrfect conditions. Join their plant club for discounts and freebies, and even FaceTime with their “knowledgeable plant nerds” for a virtual plant consultation. It’s basically tele-medicine for your sad String of Hearts.

Succeed With Seeds Vibes

Seattle Seed Company (Online and Whidbey Island)

Before they’re mature potted plants and even before they’re cute little starters, most plants start as seeds (obvi). Seattle Seed Co. is located on Whidbey Island and offers quality, heirloom, non-GMO seeds from sweetie tomatoes to lavender and sage. You’ll find air plants, microgreens, DIY terrarium kits, and very Pinteresting accessories sold by a passionate family-owned and operated team. They’ve earned bonus points with us for their community education and fundraising projects, plus delivery and affiliate program.

Sunny Lighting-Included Vibes

There’s a bright yellow Volkswagen Beetle parked outside this shop, its hood popped to reveal a bunch of blooms. If you’re not already on your way to Indoor Sun Shoppe, here’s why you should visit this plant purveyor. Bringing much-needed sunny aesthetics to Seattle since 1970, this shop has specialized in “unusual” offerings--from cacti and succulents to carnivorous and air plants--and sells the lighting you’ll need to help them thrive.

#BouquetBestie Vibes

Columbia City Bouquet (Columbia City & South Lake Union)

Columbia City Bouquet shop sells, well, bouquets and flower arrangements for every occasion. Plus plants and pots for long-term enjoyment. In addition to leafy offerings, pick up greeting cards, cookies, balloons, candles, and other gifts. Unsurprisingly based in Columbia City, the shop that started in 1907 found new roots in South Lake Union just a few years ago. Check out this space for an excellent excuse to gift for your #BouquetBestie and for yourself in one trip—we won’t tell. We can’t speak for the shop dogs, Cody and Finn, though.

Coffee Brews & Blooms Vibes

ROOT (Ballard)

Check out the Ballard neighborhood for this indoor plant shop and specialty coffee bar, boasting rare and vintage plants and a rotating coffee menu from “the best roasters in the world.” The shop’s curated plant selection and unique, single-origin roasts are available for delivery. If you’re also a monstera before you’ve had your morning coffee, join Root’s coffee subscription program for coffee and tasting note cards delivered twice a month.

Branching Out with Trees Vibes

Magnolia Garden Center is located in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood, and, yes, you can buy a magnolia tree here. It’s a quiet little shop in a quiet little neighborhood, with a great variety of annuals, perennials, shrubs, houseplants, and edibles (not that kind). You’ll also find soil, fertilizers, moss poles, natural insect repellants, a great pottery lineup, and anything else you need for all of the above.

Affirmation Art Vibes

One reviewer affectionately referred to this Fremont shop as “a plant lovers playground.” Whether you’re a beginner or in search of “peculiar” finds, join the Club. Positively packed with rows and rows of plants to choose from, Peace, Love, and Happiness Club is sprinkled with Progress Pride flags and fantastic service. If you’re wondering if they live by their name, check out their social media pages where, in addition to sharing new finds, they introduced us to the “beneficial insects” in the shop, encouraging customers not to squash their friendly bugs.

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