Lan Su Chinese Gardens offers up tranquility and a dose of fortuity

I stepped onto the carefully patterned rock pathway of the gardens, taking in the chirps of birds and perfectly pruned bonsai. A sign caught my eye, "Watch for birds, they like to peck." Laughing it off, I made my way to the two-story tea house for a spot of tea and cookies.

Watch for birds, they like to peck.

The view of the garden was magnificent from the second floor, and I was transported into a world of peace. When it came time to leave this refuge from city life, I did so reluctantly, taking my sweet time as I wandered out. Suddenly, a sudden jolt at the back of my head shocked me back to reality. I looked up to see a small bird fly triumphantly into the sun.

About the Author:

Lane Shaffer

Lane is a student in Portland who enjoys writing, reading, wrestling, and exploring new spaces in the city. He is a passionate advocate for transit justice and LGBTQ+ rights.

Lane's Vibes: A chaotic, somewhat disorganized ball of dynamic energy.