For thousands of years, people have been drawn to the bayshore, the fresh air, and the sun that define this part of the Bay Area. First settled by the Olhone, later occupied by the Peralta family, the Fruitvale neighborhood got its current name from Henderson Lewelling – an abolitionist Quaker, member of the Underground Railroad and a fruit tree fanatic. The neighborhood tradition of food and social justice continued into the mid 20th century with the Brown Berets and other activist organizations offering free breakfasts on Fruitvale Avenue and E16th Street – current location of La Clinica de La Raza. Today, colorful murals on buildings tell the story of this place, yummy food smells in the air make your mouth water, lively street life, and friendly people make you feel welcome and are what give this transit-oriented “village” its character. Fruitvale is more than a destination, it’s an authentic Oakland vibe.